Inspiration Monday: Black Walls + Mid Century Modern Design

Monday, July 18, 2016

This weeks Inspiration Monday goes to Molly over at Awfully Big Adventures.  I first "met" Molly (virtually speaking) on the last One Room Challenge where she made over her adorable patio.  Her eclectic style as well as her love for color, texture, and contrast makes her rooms look lived in and cozy.


 She doesn't take her decorating style too seriously, and she is downright adorable. 

I recently interviewed Molly about her blog and her decorating style, and here is what she had to say:

I love the name... Is there meaning behind it?
There is! It's a piece of a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time, Hook, starring Robin Williams. At the end of the movie he says, "To live would be an awfully big adventure!" I couldn't agree more, and love seeing that reminder when I open up the blog. p.s. If you haven't seen the movie, please do yourself a favor and at least find the food fight scene on YouTube. Thank me later. 
Tell me a bit about yourself? 
I share my home with my boyfriend, Matt, and our dog, Finnegan -- a rescued mish-mash of a pup who brings us endless entertainment. Matt and I both went to the University of Texas at Austin and still live here, happily. Austin is simply the best! I've said that I couldn't live anywhere where I can't comfortably drink iced coffee for at least ten months out of the year, and Austin fits that bill perfectly. (Sadly, I don't think I could stomach Minnesota --although it does sound particularly tempting right now, since it's 101 degrees here!) I work full time in marketing, and blog about my home and life at Awfully Big Adventure for fun. 

What inspires your design style?   
Maybe "organized eclectic?" Contrast, pattern, color, texture, personality, and humor are constants in the rooms I love most. I can't seem to make the leap to full-blown maximalist, however...the neat freak in me still wants a place for everything and a tidy space. My style is inspired by my mother, thrifting, and being a homebody--I love being home, and want this space to make us happy while we're here. 
This black wall combined with the mid century modern pieces makes my heart go pitter patter.  I LOVE the color contrast of the wall and depth it adds in the space.  

Molly works full time  in marketing, and blogs about her home and life at Awfully Big Adventure for fun.  If you want to see more of her blog you can follow here or on instagram.  

Thanks for sharing your home with us today Molly!  

Source List

Couch- Ikea
Coffee table- Vintage
Acrylic side table- CB2
Credenza- Vintage from Rave on Vintage

Pink & orange pillow- West Elm (discontinued)
Cream ruffled pillow- West Elm (discontinued)
Grey tasseled throw blanket- West Elm (discontinued)
Rose gold pillow- Anthropologie (only available in gold)
Indigo mudcloth pillow- Sealight Designs
Pendant light- Ikea (similar here)
Patterned lamp shade and clear base- Target (discontinued)
Indigo rug- West Elm (discontinued)
Navy basket- Anthropologie
Tall basket- Ikea
Plant pot- Ikea
Task lamp- Ikea (discontinued)
White table lamp and natural shade- Homegoods

Austin neighborhoods printNative Maps
Paris bistro table photoPleasant Valley Studios (my aunt!)
Georgia O'Keeffe skull print - O'Keeffe Museum Store (no longer sold)
Wooden kiwi statue- Vintage
Small blue plateTarget 
Illustration of Finn- Etsy
Fleetwood Mac lyric printEtsy
Hello Sunshine printRifle Paper Co 
Edward Gorey book
Georgia O'Keeffe poppies printO'Keeffe Museum Store
Native American printFritz Scholder
Two sisters art- Vintage
Dallas neighborhoods print- Native Maps
Lighthouse print- DIY'd
Totem pole print- We Are 1976
Evil eye hanging- Furbish (sold out)

Inspiration Monday: A dreamy little shop + Vacation on the North Shore

Monday, July 11, 2016

This last week we were on our annual vacation up the North Shore.  Our travels always lead us to this quaint little town called "Grand Marais." It's a lovely little spot surrounded by lush green hills on one side, and the blue waters of Lake Superior on the other.  
Our tradition has been to always grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate from the little walk up window at the "Java Moose,"  skip rocks until we are tired, and walk around the town exploring the local shops.  There's a certain nostalgia in this town that makes you feel like you've stepped back in time, and has you never wanting to leave.
This year, I discovered a new shop whose style fits right into the hand crafted, rustic refined art culture that I've grown to love about the North.

Upon entering the shop I was met by Kristofer, the owner of the shop.  He's the type of guy who greets everyone with a hug, and makes sure to talk to every. single. person to walk through his doors.
His unique array of pieces lead me to question how he finds and choses which pieces to sell.  Here was his candid response: 

"I choose a lot of the art and wares based on aesthetics and I tend to have become friends with the makers.  I try to aim toward the theory that we can represent the shore/the north through form, tones and materials and not just realistic imagery.  

I carry a lot of artists and makers from minnesota, but I am such a humanist that they don't have to be just from here.  I really believe in helping artists to have lives sustainable by their work.  I tend to buy everything outright and not just sit on inventory.  I know they need to buy materials to continue making."

These large vintage edison bulbs were tempting to buy, though I have no place for them now.  I'm tucking them into my memory for future reference.
There were so many things I could have bought.  From delicious smelling candles, to handmade pottery. Beautiful textiles and fabulous little teak trinkets,  but I finally decided on these.  A little art for my daughter's dorm room, and some lovely bath salts for me.

If you'd like to show him some love, you can find his shop over on Instagram or Facebook.  He is currently working on a website, but will ship if you see something you'd like.

Know of anyone you'd like to see featured here on "Inspiration Monday, or have a room of your own you think we'd all love?"  Send me a message and let's chat!