One Room Challenge: Week #1, Kas Colorful Room

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This is it!  The week the race begins to start a room and finish it in six short weeks!  I am SO excited to take part in this Spring's One Room Challenge, in partnership with House Beautiful Magazine.  This widely anticipated event takes place bi-annually and is hosted by Linda at Calling it home. Over the course of six weeks, 20 chosen participants upload their progress every Wednesday.  In addition to this, guest bloggers (such as myself) can participate in this challenge to complete a space from start to finish.  Every Thursday we will be uploading our plans and documenting progress on the spaces. 

After completing one One Room Challenge last fall, I feel somewhat seasoned at this.  
Still, my palms are sweaty, my mind is racing and I feel like I'm jumping into an episode of 
The Amazing Race!  

This year I chose to do our little girls room, and I have big ideas...

 This was her room the day we purchased our home three and a half years ago.  


And then I painted it and did this:

I know, what you're thinking.  That's not so bad, why are you here?  

A broken bed is why! 

I purchased it from a flea market, and it broke almost the day we set it up.  The side rails were completely warped on one side, so the bed fell to the ground if someone over 30 pounds ever sat on it.  Super ideal.

Since we were in the market for a new bed, we decided to go with something more practical.  She has the smallest room in the house, and so downsizing to a twin seemed logical.  It would free up more space for her to sit and read or play with her dolls.

After much back and forth between a bunk bed, and a regular bed, we landed on this "high bed" from Ikea.  This was high enough to create a little nook underneath, but not so high we have to worry about our five year old falling off a lofted bed!

Now onto the fun part.. Inspiration for the room!I knew I wanted girlie fabrics mixed with some modern and playful patterns! I started at one of my FAVORITE online fabric stores, and found this amazing combination

Scrolling though Pinterest for some inspiration just sealed the deal.  I wanted lighter walls with punches of color and pattern!

Photo Credit: Lonny 
Photo Credit: Laura Winslow Photography
Photo Credit: Domino

From there a vision was born for her space.  I made this board several weeks ago, and have already changed my mind on the wall color and the patten color for the ceiling, but I am SO excited to get started.

The overall feel for her room will be light and bright.  

Photo credit: Beddy's

 I plan on adding texture to the walls, and some fun DIY's that won't break the bank.  

Photo credit: Honeybear Lane

Here's the schedule: 

Week 1: Prime and paint trim, windows, closet.  Paint the ceiling white. Order remaining items

Week 2: Paint the walls and begin the wainscoting.  Add pattern to ceiling

Week 3: DIY projects and start bed assembly

Week4: Drapery arrives.  Finish up painting, and all DIY projects

Week 5: Install week, take pictures and finishing touches


I am grateful for the companies who trusted my vision for this space and partnered with me on this room!

Check out the other amazing designers over at Calling it Home, and follow along!

Follow along for sneak peek's on Instagram!  Follow the Hashtag: #kascolorfulroom

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  1. Oh, this is going to be super cute! Love the curtains around the bed!

  2. This looks amazing! Can't wait to follow along!

    xo, Paige

  3. The design plan is beautiful! Love the colors and patterns. I'm excited to follow along. :)

    1. Thank you Carol! I am excited to see your space come together as well!

  4. LOVE IT! Can you tell me where that bookshelf cart is from?

  5. Love your design! How did you make the design board? Is this an app? Software? I love it!❤️

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