One Room Challenge: Week #3, Kas Colorful Room

Thursday, April 21, 2016

This is the part of the challenge that gets fun.  Packages have been arriving that have been filled with all sorts of fun things for her space, but my FAVORITE piece arrived over the weekend when I picked up this custom art.

I have a friend who is an amazingly talented artist.   I had been looking around at different pictures of whimsical animal art for her space, and came across this flamingo one.  I instantly knew I wanted a picture of our little one with a flamingo!  

She asked me to send a profile picture of our little Kasandra, so I sent her this one.

Within a few days, she had something sketched up.  After a few back and forth's, we landed on this! Isn't it the sweetest?!!! She is amazing!  My goal is to get it framed ASAP because I am so paranoid about something happening to it!

I re-evaluated the board and batten plan for the walls.  Originally, I thought it would add some much needed texture to the space.  Once the room was painted and I taped off where the bed and dresser would go, I quickly realized that it would be a lot of work with little effect. Her room is small and once everything is put back in place you would hardly notice a wall treatment.  So I decided to add some crown moulding and call it a day. 

We purchased primed, four inch MDF crown pieces. Normally I would have chosen wood, but considering this would be on the ceiling in a kids space, I went with the most economical. 

After two coats of this paint, we were ready to install.  
Our good friend Handy Andy came over to lend us a hand, and thank goodness he did.  I kind of forgot that you need to be a certified genius to figure out the cut angles on crown moulding.  Even with a jig to follow we still somehow managed to make wrong cuts, and I found myself back at Home Depot buying another twelve feet of moulding.  

As soon as we figured out the angles for the corners, it went really fast, and a few hours later it was done!

 I puttied the holes, caulked the corners, and touched it all up.  It looks fabulous!

We also started assembling the bed.  I've never known a five year old so interested in home projects.  She took the tool and went to town.  Sure it took three more hours than it should had, but she was so happy to be involved, so I let her go for it! 

Here's the updated schedule: 

Week 1: Prime and paint trim, windows, closet.  Paint the ceiling white. Order remaining items

Week 2: Paint the walls and begin the wainscoting.  Add pattern to ceiling

Week 3: DIY projects and start bed assembly

Week4: Drapery arrives.  Finish up painting, and all DIY projects

Week 5: Install week, take pictures and finishing touches


Stay tuned.. You don't want to miss the next update!  Follow me along over at Instagram for some other sneak peeks throughout the week.  Follow the Hashtag: #kascolorfulroom

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I am grateful for the companies who trusted my vision for this space and partnered with me on this room!


  1. I love the inspiration photo you sent her. So precious.
    This is so much fun to follow your progress! You are well on your way and everything is lovely.
    I hope you will share this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

    1. Thanks Laura! I will stop by your blog today! Thanks for the reminder... Take care!

  2. That art is precious!! I love flamingos so much. That little helper you have there is great. This space is going to be amazing!

    1. Thanks Sonya! I am SO in love with your progress as well!

  3. I need a Handy Andy in my life!! LOVE the custom personalized art. The ceiling looks fabulous, and what a true labor of love! How's your neck?!

    1. Ha! We ALL need a Handy Andy in our lives, right?! He's the best! I love the art too. I imagine we will have it for a long time! My neck wasn't good for about a week after, but it's fine now! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Stephanie, this is looking so good! I love that art and the crown molding just finishes off the ceiling so well. Just lovely!

  5. You are amazing Stephanie. I love what you're doing in here and how you let your sweet little cutie patootie be involved and incorporate what she wants!! The crown moulding adds so much to the space, and oy, I feel your pain on those stinkin angles!!! UGH. Can't wait to see more next week!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, those angles! Once we had them figured out it was a piece of cake! I am excited to share more this next week! Thanks for following along =)

  6. That picture is simply delightful and certain to become a lifelong treasure!

  7. Seriously, why is crown molding angles so hard?? I don't think I'm terrible at math but dang, I can't ever get the angles right! Such a fun ceiling and that artwork is terribly sweet! Really excited about how your room is shaping up!

  8. Seriously, why is crown molding angles so hard?? I don't think I'm terrible at math but dang, I can't ever get the angles right! Such a fun ceiling and that artwork is terribly sweet! Really excited about how your room is shaping up!

    1. Thanks Erin! I have made some exciting changes this week since the update. So excited to share! Your space is so amazing too!

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