It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Monday, November 23, 2015

I did it!  I totally caved and decorated BEFORE Thanksgiving!  I feel like I broke my own rule.. I just couldn't help it.  There is nothing more that gets you in the Christmas Spirit than a sparkly tree and the smell of pine filling your room.  Besides, the season is so short and I love being able to enjoy this space to the fullest before it all goes back in storage for another year.

Of course, the true meaning of Christmas is not all about the decor.  It's about celebrating the birth of Jesus, making memories, and spending quality time with family.  
I enjoy entertaining, especially this time of the year, so naturally I want my home to feel welcoming and inviting.  

This carousel is a tradition in our home.  It was gifted to our oldest over sixteen years ago, and it still works beautifully.  When turned on, it rotates through four different Christmas songs while the horses go round and round just like a real carousel! 

This chalk sign was a easy DIY.  I used the pom pom wreath I got on last years Target's after Christmas sale, and a chalk pen to draw the letters.

My decor is anything but traditional, but it fits our bright and cheery home perfectly.  

What about you.. Have you decorated yet, or do you wait until after Thanksgiving?  
I'd love to see your festive space!

{One Room Challenge}: Revealing our Multipurpose Space!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's here!  The Final Reveal week!!!!  I am so excited to share our new Multi-Purpose Space with you all! If you remember, I jumped on board six short weeks ago to participate in the One Room Challenge, and decided to not only finish the back room, but the stairs, hallway, and nook under the stairs as well.  About half way into the challenge I asked myself what in the world was I thinking.. but it's DONE, and I am ecstatic!

I started with the vision to create a space where my kids and their friends could hang out.  We have long winters here in the northland, so a cozy place is essential when you're stuck inside for months on end! This room houses a gaming area, a corner bench for snacks or puzzles, a music nook for my two guitar players, and even a exercise space for my hubby!  

At this point, I am too exhausted to write anything creative.  So, take a look around, and let me know what you think!

Just in case you need a reminder of what the space looked like BEFORE:

If you want to catch up on the progress of the space, check out the weeks before here:

Week 1 // Week 2 // Week 3 // Week 4 // Week 5

Thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting this design challenge! It was a blast following all the other designers and getting inspired along the way.   You can check out all the other designs HERE!

ORC: It's the Final Countdown!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

We are on the HOME STRETCH for the multipurpose room!  I can hardly believe how fast the six weeks have flown by.  So here we are on week five, the week before the final reveal.  This week I am just working on the finishing touches for this space, mostly touching up paint and caulking between gaps.  If you want to catch up on how the room has been transformed up until now, you can check out the progress from the previous weeks here:

Week 1, (literally a blank slate) Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

This week has been the fun part of the challenge for me because it included adding all the fun design elements.  With the exception of hiring our friend Andy to help us with the things that were outside our comfort zone, my son and I have worked endlessly on completing this space.

We used every square inch of this room, so the corner got a cozy little bench and table. My friend Anna is a crazy talented, DIY builder of anything and everything.  She built this for me.  

Here it is in her workshop.  We repurposed our old stair treads for the seats, and covered some plywood for the back cushion.  

I got to shop for some fun pillow patterns.  

And I made some "oops" along the way. Once the pallet wall went up, I thought it would be fantastic to add some indirect lighting to the space.  So, I called up my friend handy - Andy and he agreed to add a light to the already completely sheet rocked room.  Have I mentioned how much I love this dude?  Our son was willing to fish the wire out, so we shoved him into the small space between the soffit and the closet, and Andy fed him the wire...

Three hours later, I had my light!  I will reveal the whole fixture next week, but it was just the right touch the room needed.

The media center and tv were hung, and we completed our stair case! 
Don't look too close, you may spot where I need to touch up =)

Don't forget to check out the other participants of the One Room Challenge over at Calling it Home

See you next week for the Full Reveal of our Multipurpose Space!

ORC: Week 4, Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

This week has been CRAZY!  I have been running a mile a minute every single day trying to finish this project!  I am so excited that there is only TWO weeks left, and I can't wait to finally be able to sit back and just enjoy the space.  

This week, the Multi-purpose room took a back seat. I am waiting on a few things to arrive for the room, so I moved onto the stairs area. 

The nook under the stairs got some fun pattern. I've had several ideas for what to do with this space. I won't bore you with all my ideas, but the final two ideas came down to these two options:
1. storage for our massive piano, or 2. turning it into a music nook for our teenage boy.  The piano was a beautiful, old upright grand piano, and  because it was a gift, I really, really struggled with getting rid of it, but it wasn't practical. No one knows how to play except me, (which I never do), so practicality won. Long story short, the piano is gone and I am planning a multi-music space that all the kids can eventually use.  

Thankfully, my wallpaper guy drove up from the cities to hang the wallpaper for me.  This saved me a ton of time, as I could work on the staining and painting for the other areas while the expert did his thing.

We installed some fun, inexpensive industrial style lights for the area.  Best $11 I've ever spent!   

The majority of the week was spent remodeling the staircase.  The ENTIRE staircase is getting a makeover!  We pulled off all the treads and replaced them with the ones I have been working on staining.  The risers were taken off, cut down, and everything was primed and painted. Look to the left to catch a glimpse of the Multi-purpose room! 

My son will be up for hire sometime soon. I'm teaching him the ins and outs of painting, staining, and priming.  Add that to his list of DIY know how's...  He already knows how to lay a floor, assemble furniture, and operate a chop saw (with supervision of course) among other things.  He will thank me someday, right? 

After a long day of painting, the treads literally went on in like 10 minutes!  We glued them, and then nailed them on with a nail gun.  I am THRILLED with the final result of these.  We are currently working on the posts and new railings for both sides.  Stay tuned for updates.  I promise you it will not disappoint!  

There are some fun elements being added to the Multi-purpose room this week.  If you want to see some sneak peeks, don't forget to follow along on Instagram!  

Don't forget to check out the other One Room Challenge participants over at Calling it Home.  I love seeing all the spaces evolve from week to week!

ORC Week 3: Making progress in the multipurpose room!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's week three of the One Room Challenge, and man am I exhausted.  I have never been so excited to be done with a project!  Running a business, taking on a renovation, and managing the kiddos through homeschooling... well, let's just say I am a walking zombie by dinner time.  We are half way through this design challenge and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  

My friend texted me this "meal plan" picture and Saturday's are pretty much what I'm feeling every day of the week right now. 

This week I've seen some exciting and fun progress.  The pallet wall went up really quickly, thanks to my handy friend, Andy.  I will add a shameless plug for this dude right here.  If you are local or live in the Twin Cities area, this guy can do it all.  I'm just not giving you his number until my project is finished. Kidding of course. 

My kids have already starting invading this space.  Seriously.  I am hoping I can get some pictures of the space before it is completely destroyed.  This corner is pretty much complete.  

This next week, my lighting should arrive for the pallet wall and the wall adjacent from the tv will get some new artwork.  I am keeping these elements a complete surprise.  

The TV wall got a fun accent.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can check it out there.  

I have pretty much been working every single day on these stair treads.  These are not "technically" a part of this One Room Challenge, but this multipurpose room and the stairs are the last two pieces of the basement that needed finishing, and I am determined to just GET IT DONE!  Staining stair treads will not be added to my DIY list of "I would do that again."  I should have just forked over the big bucks to the professionals on this one.   I think when it's all said and done, they will look amazing. Just don't want to work on these ANY more!

I am planning on adding a little nostalgia in the nook under the stairs that run's into this space.  The main purpose of this space is to use it as a music cubby.  I thought some black and white with a splash of color will be fun here.   

This weekend we are taking a break from the multipurpose room and starting to tackle the stairs. The existing treads were nailed AND glued down, so we will need to take them off, scrape the glue, paint all the risers, and the skirting before putting the new treads on.  

I still have a long to do list, but I am trying to take it day by day.  I made myself a check list which is super helpful in keeping me on track for completion!   I appreciate every single encouraging comment you guys have made.  Your amazing words keep me motivated to finish strong until the end! 

I love following everyone that has participated in the One Room Challenge.  You can check them all out here!

ORC: Week 2 - Finishing our Multipurpose Space!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's week two of the One Room Challenge and we have been busy around here!  

The carpet was installed and we LOVE it!  It really warms up the space and adds a little texture to the room. 

We installed the chair rail to divide the contrasting colors in the room, and finished up all the electrical

which meant we got to move our sofa back in!!!!!  (apparently, she is my little model for this space)

I plan on doing a group of staggered pallets on the back wall.  My brother in law pulled all the pallets apart, my son power washed them, and I scrubbed the debris and yuck off with a brush.

We left them in the sun to dry out

So here is the vision for the space:

  • Reuse our brown sectional.  It isn't "ideal," but with the right pillows and accessories, it will work
  • I hope to add a high top table with some cute stools next to the sofa.  It is ordered, and the size is perfect, but I am hoping it isn't too tippy for young kids.  Come back next week to see if it makes the cut
  • We need a kid-friendly coffee table.  This Ikea one seems to be indestructible, but it may be a little small for the current sofa

This next week I will be working on:

1. //Putting the pallets on the wall
2. //Finding some kid friendly art that is not cheesy 
3. // Painting the media center
4. //I have a couple surprise elements up my sleeve. I can't give it all away now, so you'll have to come back and see what I'm up to!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am working on completing the staircase that leads up to this room.  NOT a small undertaking.  The thirteen treads have been sanded and stained. Twice.  My plan is to start Poly'ing, and moving onto painting the handrail.

Thanks for all the encouraging emails. I post lots of sneak peeks on Instagram.  
Head over there and follow along!

Be sure to check out the rest of the One Room Challenge Participants Here at Calling it Home! 

One Room Challenge, Week 1: Our Mutli-purpose Room

Thursday, October 8, 2015

We are in the process of finishing the final, untouched space of our basement.  Last year we finished part 1 which included finishing the guest room, living room, and bathroom.  We are lucky enough to have this bonus room which will serve as a multi-purpose space.  My husband jokes this will be his "man cave," but my vision is to turn this into something for everyone.  A place for our kids to hang out, play video games, and have sleepovers in.  We also have a giant treadmill I would like to fit in the space, and hope to make it a place that I actually can get inspired to go work out!

Since I am finishing the space anyways, I am jumping on this One Room Challenge band wagon.  It will motivate me to stay on task and finish this project within a reasonable time frame.  There are twenty bloggers that are sponsored to finish their space, and everyone else (that's me) links up their projects so people can see your room from start to finish.  The challenge is, you have six weeks to design a space, start to finish.   Every Thursday, I will be updating pictures progress of the space. It's so fun to follow along and see the crazy talent!   So without further ado, here are some "before's" of our space:

If you want to get your sheetrocking done fast, just invite some friends over and promise them food.
We knocked out our space in just a few hours!  Clearly I am working WAY too hard...

While we were waiting for the mudder to show up, my son and I finished laying the flooring

As you can see, the staircase still needs to get finished.  I may be overambitious in thinking I can get this done in this time frame as well, but quite honestly, I am tired of stuff being everywhere, so that is my goal.. we shall see.  

The overall vision for this room:
I have thought long and hard on this space.  My plan is to use what we have.  We don't have the budget to go crazy in this space.  We have a old sectional that is not my first color choice, but I am using it anyway because it is practical and it fits the space.  I will spruce it up with new pillows.  
I want the room to be very cozy, so there will be a combination of DARK walls on the top half, with a contrasting light bottom wall.  The sofa is dark, so I don't want it to blend in with the room. Textures and different shades of wood will be incorporated both on the walls and the furniture pieces. The carpet will also have a slight pattern to it, and we are keeping that relatively light as well.  The color choices will be bold and dramatic with pops of fun color. 

Week 1 Plan:
Install Trim and Chair Rail
Carpet gets installed
Start staining stair treads

Wish me luck..