Part One of Two Ikea Hacks: Dress up your dresser!

Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm about to give you PART 1 in TWO Ikea hacks! Best part is they are so simple and easy that ANYONE can do them!

A few years ago when we found out we were pregnant with our little princess, we needed a dresser.  Her room was small, and we didn't want to break the bank on it.. so I was looking for a budget friendly, cute piece.  I happened to be shopping at our local Ikea for something completely different and stumbled upon this beauty:

It wasn't that I thought the dresser was super great, but the price was right {it was on clearance for $39.00} and it had LOTS of potential!!

I snatched it up and immediately was trying to figure out how to jazz it up.  The color was right, but it just looked like a box to me.  

After much brainstorming and researching {thank you google} I found this company that specializes in Ikea Hacks!!!!!  Enter O'verlays!!!!!!  Seriously, they've changed the way I view Ikea pieces!  You can enter what piece you are looking to glam up in their website and it will bring up all the o'verlay's that will fit that piece. 

Here are the one's I decided on.  

Best part? There was no cutting, no sanding, no priming, or special tools needed! {now that's my kind of DIY}.  The o'verlay's came white, which was exactly what I wanted and went on with a small tube of liquid nails!

Enter some new crystal knobs and bam.. it was THAT easy!

STAY TUNED… Part 2 is coming up with more IKEA hacks for your kids space!

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  1. Hi Stephanie!
    We just recently found your blog through some link parties... and we are nominating you for a Liebster Award! You are doing awesome stuff with your site :)
    Check out our latest post for more info on what it's all about!
    Cheers! Erin & Dan

  2. Great you Are happy

    I have one myself since like 10 years. I enjoy it too, not modded as yours though.

    Right now it doesn't work, it chokes when warm. Brought into some neigbour of mine and he will have a deeper look at it.

    It seems like some have had difficulty with the automatic decompression valve, does yours have that?

    Have a fantastic day!

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