Don't walk, RUN to your local RESTORE

Monday, February 3, 2014

I am ecstatic.. no, really.. I can hardly contain my excitement!  
Our house isn't that old, but I'm pretty sure the people we bought it from just bought the "package" for everything.  In all the bathrooms, we have the "gold" package, 
(but that's a different story for a different day)! 

 Lighting everywhere else was the basic, um, patina? package.  

One particular area in our house REALLY bothered me.  Our main hallway had these and I had to walk by them at least 50 times a day (ok, maybe not that much)!

I fell in love with these simple scones, but couldn't justify spending over $180/piece since we needed 3 sconces!!!

Enter the Restore 

If you've never been, you must GO!  You're guaranteed to find SOMETHING for your home... 

Anyways, back to my light predicament 

As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a box of these pretties!  Best part, they were $2/piece

Man, oh man I saw POTENTIAL! I grabbed 3 and quickly started plotting my plan of how they would get a make over. 

Lucky for me, I happened to have a can of oil-rubbed bronze spray-paint in my paint stash, so I sprayed these babies till every inch of brass was gone

Then I bribed , I mean asked my handsome hubby to help me hang them

and here they are!!!!!!!!

One more before and after

Oh, and did I mention I only spent $6 for all three???????????

Now, my walls may need a new paint job… 

What about you? Have you ever thrifted something you totally love????

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