Formal dining room turned kids space

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today I get to show you a glimpse into our office, art room, school room…let's just call this a multi-purpose "kids" space.  If you haven't guessed it..the "before" was meant to be our formal dining room.  Well, guess what? We aren't formal people.  We have 4 kids (5 if you count our golden doodle) and we needed a space where the kids can paint, explore their tech side, do puzzles, and learn...more than we needed another place to eat.  Plus, if you read my previous post, you will see we already have ample seating at our giant table in our kitchen space. 

We had this little alcove in the room, so I created this space for our 17 year old.  She's a photographer, and I wanted her to have a space where she could create and be inspired by her own work

The vision for this space was to put a commons table in the middle of the room, and give each of the older kids a desk.  I re-used the art from our old house…{aka the large photo canvases} and bought a giant wall map so when talk about places in the world, I can show them where they are.

We replaced the light fixture and painted the walls a neutral color.

I tend to hold onto all my projects to reveal the before and after's until they are perfectly completed, but let's face it…that doesn't happen.  This year, I'm focusing less on perfection and more on the functional component of the space.  Life happens and I won't ever have perfectly styled bookshelves.  My home will not look like you walked into a magazine where pillows and drapery are perfectly creased, and if you look hard enough, you will find stains on the carpet and markers on the wall where life happens.  You may even find lipstick stained walls when my 2 (now 3 year old) found the red lipstick and decided to "paint."  So while I'm still searching for those perfect items for my bookshelves and that particular drapery that finishes off the space, I hope to inspire a few of you to have fun with your space while keeping it practical, functional, and perfectly cozy!

From sunny yellow to calming blues

Thursday, February 13, 2014

So we made a few changes to our space… are you surprised?  When we walked through this house it was clear that the previous homeowners  really liked monochromatic color schemes.  Like painting an entire room based on the cabinetry, trim and floor colors.  Yellow trim? check.  Yellow walls? check.  Yellow floors? check. Yellow cabinetry? check!!  You get the picture.  It was screaming for something different.  It needed some pizzaz.. and something other than yellow. Putting the color aside, we fell in love with the space because of the openness of the room.  and the view… well, that may have to be another post.  

 Here is a BEFORE picture of the space.  

Which happens to be connected to this sitting space HERE: 

There was so many things going on in the room, like, a giant computer desk, a giant plant, {which we discovered was hiding a large hole in the wall to a surround sound never hooked up} and a teeny, tiny table, with an equally tinny light fixture.  

Enter some updates…

Here are some of the things we tackled:

1. New paint color.  We have a A-mazing view of the lake, so it needed to be lightened up! 
I chose Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.  It's super fresh and I LOVE it!

2.  The light fixture had to go!  We replaced the table with a large  scratch that, GIANT (120+") table, so it needed a large light fixture to match it.  If you look closely, you can see where we capped off the old fixture… Adios

3.  Created a new Sitting area which you will see below.  I had ordered these large, tufted, velvety Martha Stewart chairs. They are SO comfy and are perfect to snuggle up by the fire in

4. Speaking of the sitting area, the fireplace needed some pizzaz!  Feel free to read all about how I did that in my previous posting here.  It makes me SO happy.  A perfect blend of texture and warm woods all wrapped in one.

5. Besides the obvious layout change, I just have to point out the mid century modern credenza I found because I still can't believe how lucky that was.  It happens to be a teak piece I found on craigs list for $100!!!!!!  All I did was give give it a good oil rub and painted the top {which was so badly water damaged}

6. Last, but not least, I found a STEAL on the drapery.  JcPenny was running a huge sale and I scored all 5 panels with all the hardware for Less than $300!  They happen to be designed by Martha Stewart…

Martha Stewart Drapery panels and Wall art/wall succulent from Pier One

Craig's list credenza find 

New sitting area.  I happened to thrift the table for $5…it just needed a new paint job!

If you're wondering if we made changes to the kitchen area, the answer is yes, but you'll have to wait to see the before and after of that space!

Don't walk, RUN to your local RESTORE

Monday, February 3, 2014

I am ecstatic.. no, really.. I can hardly contain my excitement!  
Our house isn't that old, but I'm pretty sure the people we bought it from just bought the "package" for everything.  In all the bathrooms, we have the "gold" package, 
(but that's a different story for a different day)! 

 Lighting everywhere else was the basic, um, patina? package.  

One particular area in our house REALLY bothered me.  Our main hallway had these and I had to walk by them at least 50 times a day (ok, maybe not that much)!

I fell in love with these simple scones, but couldn't justify spending over $180/piece since we needed 3 sconces!!!

Enter the Restore 

If you've never been, you must GO!  You're guaranteed to find SOMETHING for your home... 

Anyways, back to my light predicament 

As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a box of these pretties!  Best part, they were $2/piece

Man, oh man I saw POTENTIAL! I grabbed 3 and quickly started plotting my plan of how they would get a make over. 

Lucky for me, I happened to have a can of oil-rubbed bronze spray-paint in my paint stash, so I sprayed these babies till every inch of brass was gone

Then I bribed , I mean asked my handsome hubby to help me hang them

and here they are!!!!!!!!

One more before and after

Oh, and did I mention I only spent $6 for all three???????????

Now, my walls may need a new paint job… 

What about you? Have you ever thrifted something you totally love????

Stars and Stripes Forever

Saturday, February 1, 2014

As many of you know who have followed my blog, WE MOVED!  The house is beautiful, but it needs some pizzaz, you know...character, get the hint.  I WISH I was better at taking before pictures.  The boys room was a periwinkle color.  Not bad, but not for my boys.  I wanted to make them something modern, different, but classic.

Here is a couple pics of what I did with the space!

First, my helpful hubby painted the room white.  
Next, I used my handy dandy Black and Decker Laser-level. This clever tool allows you tape off the stripes using the laser it projects onto the wall.  Best part, they are level!  

I found these cute headboards off Craig's list for $35.00!!!  What a steal!  I love how classic they are!

The boys had these canvas's from our old house, but they were the wrong color.  I quickly painted them and added the vintage star to the center.

There was a weird nook in the corner of the boys room, so we put this awesome wardrobe piece from Ikea that happens to fit perfectly AND it's an amazing dresser for both boys!

A quick run to Target and I scored the most awesome pillows and bedding!!!! 

I happend to be at Tj Maxx on the right day apparently and scored these orange locker nightstands!!

A light from Ikea, and some cool vintage superhero tins from Here….

And Voila!  You're done!!! What do you think?? This project was super easy...and FUN! Best of all, the boys LOVE their new space!

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