Creative artwork under $13 that makes a BIG impact!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ever since we moved, I've been searching for the perfect artwork for my teenagers room.  She is SUPER creative.  She is a blogger, a photographer, a little bit of a graphic artist... she's just all around SWEET!

In her old room, I had used several photos of our family above her bed.  I had to make them REALLY big since the end canvas was actually disguising an electrical panel.  Ha! Who knew?

When we moved, I promised her she could re-do her room.  One of the things that didn't work was the cute canvases I created =(. Back to the drawing board.  

She found this bedding that she LOVED!

It was cute, but busy!  I knew I had my work cut out for me for what to pair with the new bedding!

I had already created a homework area for her that included lots of her photography

... so I wanted to do something different.

On a total whim, My friend and I ended up at Home Goods.  (Seems like I always find things when I'm not looking) 

 I just happened to walk by this:

The frame?... PERFECT.  The artwork?  Not so much.  It was WAY too busy with her bedding!

I KNEW I could do something different with the art.  I mean, why not?  So I bought it... brought it home and disassembled it.  Then, I happened to stumble across this AMAZING chalkboard art.  

Seriously, it couldn't have been more perfect! She collects vintage camera's!

   You literally download it onto a memory stick, bring it into a Staples or Office max and within 5 minutes, they had printed me out a 36" x 48" black and white poster for a little over $7.00!!!!!!!  Phew... I think that was just a run on sentence...I'm just so excited!  

I brought it home and stapled it to my frame and.....


Yay for good things that come for those who wait!

Downloadable poster $5.00 + Black and white poster $7.50 = $12.50 ! 

( plus the cost of your frame)

{Whole room reveal coming soon}.....