Coffee table turned Ottoman

Friday, September 7, 2012

A couple months ago I was searching for an ottoman. It had to be a large ottoman.... about 42" would be ideal. I found plenty of ottomans I LOVED, but all of them came with a HEFTY price tag. I needed another plan, so I turned to Craig's list. It was there I found a gem! It was the not only a perfect size, but it was a SOLID wood piece! There was just one small problem...The top was damaged!!!
This was a HUGE bummer, because there was a beautiful inlay pattern to the top. I desperately wanted to fix it! I emailed my friend over at Against the Grain Woodworking for some expert advice. It seemed it was a job for a wood expert (which I am not). 
PLAN B. I would repurpose this to make it into a ottoman.
First things first. I enlisted my helpful hubby to drill some pilot holes in the bottom legs so I could add casters. I wanted to be able to move this piece around easily.
Here he is vacuuming out the dust so it didn't get everywhere... And you can see the wheel there added on one of the legs =)
Next, I painted the entire base of the piece dark chocolate brown.


Here is how it turned out!

Sorry for the lack of pictures in-between. Somehow they must have gotten deleted, because I know I took them. Basically here is what I did step by step. 
1. Went to JoAnn Fabrics and purchased 2" foam 
 2. Cut the foam the shape/size of table
3. Painted the entire table with this product
4. Purchased the casters from our local Ace hardware and drilled them into the bottom
5. Purchased foam for the top and sprayed the top with adhesive to keep it in place 
5. Covered that foam with a thick batting so you didn't see any lines from the foam 
6.  I then tufted the entire top by drilling pilot holes through the top and pulled the button through with a GIANT needle.
7.  Placed the fabric on top and turned the whole table upside down and stapled it underneath.


  1. Ohh you share a nice tutorial. you describe an excellent procedure to make a coffee table. thanks for the post

  2. Very creative and helpful post, I love how you made do with the table and changed the look completely with just a few changes. Very nicely done, thanks for sharing it with us, keep up the good work!

  3. Great post... thanks for the great info....


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