Comparison | The thief of joy

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1. The act of being comparing  2. The state of being compared 
 3. Capability of being compared or likened

I struggle with this.  I think if we can be all perfectly honest with each other, we all might struggle with this in some shape or form.  If we aren't careful, we can start down this dangerous path that everyone is somehow better than we are.  I see it EVERYwhere.  The world in which we live, where one can instantly click a button and see how successful everyone else is.  A society where all of our lives are front and center for us to compare what we aren't doing right, or how many less followers we have than our other friends or colleagues.   

We were all created with unique gifts.  You could be a designer, a writer, a musician, a stay at home mother, a photographer, a teacher…. Whatever you do, it is YOUR gift…YOUR calling

My friend Sallisha is an amazing woman. She is so full of joy and authentic beauty that if you saw her across a room, you would be instantly drawn to her infectious personality.  This last month, her husband and her, along with seven of her closet friends and spouses went on a vacation.  The kind of vacation where you spend you're ENTIRE day in a swimsuit.  If that's not a opportunity for major comparison..I don't know what is!

All the woman are incredibly diverse and  SO different.  Among them are business owners, stay at home mothers, athletes, nurses, teachers, authors, teachers, pageant winners, etc., but instead of comparing each other, they embrace each other's strengths and love each other unconditionally.

I asked her what words of wisdom she had to offer all of us woman who struggle with comparison.
She replied, "Incredible joy is found in friendships free of comparison, free of competition.  Here, victories are celebrated, hardships mourned, shortcomings embraced…and true transparency are secure and safe." 

Let's learn to love each other BECAUSE of our DIFFERENCES….not in spite of them!  

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