Formal dining room turned kids space

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today I get to show you a glimpse into our office, art room, school room…let's just call this a multi-purpose "kids" space.  If you haven't guessed it..the "before" was meant to be our formal dining room.  Well, guess what? We aren't formal people.  We have 4 kids (5 if you count our golden doodle) and we needed a space where the kids can paint, explore their tech side, do puzzles, and learn...more than we needed another place to eat.  Plus, if you read my previous post, you will see we already have ample seating at our giant table in our kitchen space. 

We had this little alcove in the room, so I created this space for our 17 year old.  She's a photographer, and I wanted her to have a space where she could create and be inspired by her own work

The vision for this space was to put a commons table in the middle of the room, and give each of the older kids a desk.  I re-used the art from our old house…{aka the large photo canvases} and bought a giant wall map so when talk about places in the world, I can show them where they are.

We replaced the light fixture and painted the walls a neutral color.

I tend to hold onto all my projects to reveal the before and after's until they are perfectly completed, but let's face it…that doesn't happen.  This year, I'm focusing less on perfection and more on the functional component of the space.  Life happens and I won't ever have perfectly styled bookshelves.  My home will not look like you walked into a magazine where pillows and drapery are perfectly creased, and if you look hard enough, you will find stains on the carpet and markers on the wall where life happens.  You may even find lipstick stained walls when my 2 (now 3 year old) found the red lipstick and decided to "paint."  So while I'm still searching for those perfect items for my bookshelves and that particular drapery that finishes off the space, I hope to inspire a few of you to have fun with your space while keeping it practical, functional, and perfectly cozy!


  1. Oh I love it! Such a fantastic idea to make use of a not often used space. Where did you get the wall map?? I just bought some at Costco, but they aren't that large. Beautiful Steph!

    1. Hi Beth! The large wall map is from Ikea! Thank you for your kind words =)

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