My dream kitchen…well, almost!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our first home together was A-mazing (decor aside). It was one of those homes that had "good bones," but it needed a  MAJOR FACELIFT in most rooms. Think 70's wallpaper in every room of the home.    I wish I could dedicate an entire post , I mean YEAR to tell you every.single.thing we updated in this house.  

We lived in our old house for 12 years.  10 of those years I lived with a very, VERY ugly, dysfunctional kitchen.  When we moved in, we had VINYL wall covering all over the kitchen. 
Just check out the background of this pic!

Here's a wide angle shot… Man, oh man how I loved that light… (kidding of course) 

Needless to say it needed an IMMEDIATE MAKEOVER!!!!

For some unknown reason, I thought it would be a great idea to paint the cabinets. This was phase one.  We had no money to do the renovation we would have loved to do, so I figured anything would be better than what they were. They were this AWLFUL dark oak color, but I don't know what I was thinking by painting them like this:

HUH….???  Anyways, moving right along.  The main reason I wanted an upgrade was we had a huge living room on the other side of this wall. I dreamed of having a open concept floor plan! 

The living room had it's own set of 70's problems… The fireplace needed a little upgrade

As did the entryway

Needless to say, we decided if we were going to do an open concept, we would just upgrade everything at once!

So the designs were drawn up,

and the contractor was interviewed and hired….

The end results??? Well, we were thrilled!  

and remember that old fireplace?  Well, that got a little makeover too!  Grasscloth was added to the wall for texture and the gray stacked stone replaced the original cream brick

Last but not least, the entry was updated as well. 

New wrought iron spindles replaced the tired oak spindles, bright white newell posts, hand rails,  and white wainscoting really freshened up the space!

Whoa…. this space has come a long way baby! 

Almost two years to the date, my husband got a job transfer and we parted ways with this house.  We loved every minute of memories in that place and hope the new homeowners enjoy all the upgrades we did!  Stay tuned for more before and after's of our new home!  

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know what update's you've done to your space! We love seeing before and afters!


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